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A/D D/A Converter System


The Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System provides two channels of mastering quality analog to digital conversion, up to eight channels of digital to analog conversion, a secondary monitor output, and a world class independent headphone amplifier in a compact half-rack size. It features analog stages and converter topology that break new ground in terms of lowering distortion and noise while maintaining transparency for A/D and D/A conversion. Hilo boasts versatile digital I/O, with support for AES/EBU, S/PDIF (via coax or optical) or ADAT. And the Lynx LT-USB high-speed card comes standard, delivering additional USB I/O and computer connectivity.

Hilo is the first professional two-channel converter with touchscreen operation and monitoring, with all controls and signal routing set up using easy to use menus. Front panel controls support extensive signal routing and mixing, sample rate selection, clock source options, levels, metering and diagnostic features.

An internal 32-channel mixer allows any input to be routed to any output. There are three stereo analog output options: Line Out, which supports eight standard trim settings, Monitor Out with a volume control, and a Headphone output, also with a volume control. The headphone output has its own dedicated D/A converter with the option of a different mix than the Line and Monitor outputs.

Lynx Hilo Features:
• Full-featured, ultra high performance A/D D/A converter
• 12 inputs and 16 outputs
• Control and monitoring via 480 x 272 LCD touchscreen
• Three in one pro-level unit: A/D converter; D/A converter; headphone amplifier
• Latest FPGA technology allows future enhancements and ability to use LCD technology for added metering, diagnostic, measurement functions
• Utilizes Lynx Studio Technology's proprietary SynchroLock technology to virtually eliminate jitter
• Analog (XLR, 1/4"), AES/EBU, S/PDIF (via coax or TOSLINK), ADAT, USB inputs and outputs
• Powered by standard 110-230V AC power or remotely with 9-18 volts DC, allowing the use of standard video battery packs or auto cigarette lighter connections
• Ships with LT-USB USB Audio 2.0 high speed card ($395 value)

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