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Sample Rate Converter


The RME ADI-192 DD format and sample rate converter features three 8-channel format converters with 24-bit audio resolution. Four XLR AES/EBU inputs and outputs each, and two ADAT and TDIF inputs and outputs allow full 8-Channel operation even at 96 kHz / 24-bit. At 192 kHz, there are eight AES channels and four ADAT and TDIF channels. Switchable 24/192kHz sample rate converters allow 8-Channel sample rate conversion and clock decoupling of the highest quality.

48 LEDs clearly display the current status of the incoming and outgoing signals and the processing performed within the unit. SyncCheck technology indicates whether the input signal is locked and whether all inputs are synchronized. The AES output signal can be given a consumer or professional status. The first AES output (channels 1/2) is also available as optical TOSLINK.

The ADI-192 DD supports Double Wire, Quad Wire, S/MUX and S/MUX4, making it compatible to all methods of increasing sample rates by sample multiplexing on all platforms. The unit can also convert between these formats, even along with SRC. If more than 8 channels are required, several units can be cascaded and synchronized sample-accurately by word clock.

RME ADI-192 DD Features:
• Supports 192 kHz with ADAT, TDIF und AES
• 8-Channel sample rate conversion up to 192 kHz
• Sample Rate Conversion can be selected for AES, TDIF or ADAT
• 8-Channel Sample Rate Conversion without phase errors (sub-sample synchronous)
• SteadyClock for maximum jitter suppression and clock regeneration
• Complete triple format converter AES/TDIF/ADAT with added SPDIF TOSLINK I/O
• Direct support for Double and Quad Wire, S/MUX and S/MUX4
• Special TDIF word clock output
• Easy-to-use user interface

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