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The RME ADI-2 is a compact and extremely flexible 2-Channel AD/DA-converter, delivering superb conversion from and to SPDIF, AES and ADAT, at up to 192 kHz. It features balanced inputs and outputs, monitoring via headphone out, SteadyClock for optimal converter quality, 3-stage hardware input and output level control, and an external switching power supply.

The ADI-2 is equipped with a balanced stereo line input via two Neutrik XLR/phones combo jacks, a balanced stereo line output with XLR, plus separate and simultaneously active phone jacks, as well as an adjustable headphone output.

Three different settings for the input and output levels each provide perfect compatibility on analog domain. A further highlight is SteadyClock, a proprietary clock technology for maximum jitter suppression. SteadyClock guarantees superb sound quality completely independent from the quality of the current reference clock. The ADI-2 uses the latest generation of AD/DA-converters capable of up to 192 kHz sampling frequency at S/N ratios up to 119 dBA.

Its transformer-balanced coaxial (RCA) SPDIF I/O has switchable Channel Status to make it fully AES/EBU compatible. The optical TOSLINK I/Os can handle up to 192 kHz and also serve as ADAT I/O with up to 96 kHz sample rate. You can even use SPDIF input and ADAT output or vice versa in AD/DA mode.

The clear layout and the distinct labeling of the front panel with its functional buttons, the informative status displays, a 6 LED level meter as well as the tidy functional back panel make it easy to operate the unit right out of the box. It also offers protective rack handles and a strain-relief for power cord and audio cables for extra long life.

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