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Shure DFR22

Audio Processor w/ Feedback Reduction


Shure DFR22
The Shure DFR22 2x2 audio processor boasts patented automatic feedback reduction, while offering comprehensive equalization, dynamics processing, delay, matrix mixing, and a 2-way crossover.

It is configurable using Shure's intuitive drag-and-drop software interface, a Windows-based software program that mimics the functional block diagrams used in sound system design. It also excels as an out-of-the-box 2-channel feedback reducer that does not require a computer for configuration.

Shure DFR22 Features:
• DFR Automatic Feedback Reduction
• Parametric and Graphic Equalizers
• Cut/Shelf Equalizer
• Compressors/Limiters
• Automatic Gain Control
• Gate/Downward Expander
• Ducker
• 2-Way Crossover
• Subwoofer Processor
• Splitter
• Delay Processors
• 2x2 Matrix Mixer
• Phoenix and XLR connectors for each input and output
• Front and back panel RS232 ports
• Compatible with USB to serial port converters

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