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Telephone Remote Control


The DT-55 telephone remote control answers a phone line, accepts a user determined access code, then allows remote control of 10 SPDT relays and the remote monitoring of 10 external switch contacts or logic levels. The levels are magnetic latching. On power loss and restoration, the relays can retain their prior states or return to the de-activated state. Each relay can be set, cleared or activated momentarily (for as long as the button is pushed down on the calling telephone). Additionally, the DT-55 can be set up to act in an interlocking mode. When a button is pressed, its associated relay is set and all other relays are cleared. Features: Miniature screw-clamp terminal strips for easy connection to your external circuits; easily distinguishable tones indicate the high-low or open-closed status of the ten external inputs; status lights indicate the ringing signal, power, DTMF tone detection, line connection and access; switch-selectable access code; compact size.

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