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Rolls HRD342

Digital room/speaker Delay


The Rolls HRD342 is intended for low cost, simple, time alignment of speakers in larger rooms or outdoors. The delay dial is shown in mili seconds to make setup easy. The 32 to 360 ms shown on the dial will correlate to about the same in feet (32 ms = 32 ft). The Rolls HRD342 is inserted between the main console output and the amplifiers supplying the delayed speaker signal.

Main Features:
• Balanced XLR input and output
• Level control to make up or add gain
• Mounting designed to fit Rolls RMS270 rack tray, HR31 rack ears

• Max output +16dB balanced 10dB unbal.
• THD+N 1KHz 0.1%34ms 0.5% 120Ms
• Noise floor -75dB 43Ms -63dB 430Ms
• Delay time 43 - 430 Ms +/- 20%
• Overload Indication red led full on=overload
• input/output connectors Bal.XLR and RCA
• Power 15vdc 5.5mmX2.1mm DC Jack ctr neg.
• Rolls PS27s 100-240vac adapter supplied with unit.
• Dimensions 6 3/4” X 1 3/4” x 3” • Weight 1.1 lb.

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