Radio Systems CT-DESKGPS
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Radio Systems CT-DESKGPS


The Radio Systems CT-DESKGPS is a CT-2002 digital microprocessor-controlled desktop clock/timer with a GPS antenna.

Radio Systems CT-DESKGPS Features:
• Simultaneous clock/up timer
• Includes GPS outdoor antenna in weatherproof mount and integral 20-foot CAT-5 cable
• High Intensity .56" LED display
• Can function as a remote timer display
• Reliable, RF-immune RS-422 serial data interface
• Local and parallel remote control
• Outputs Radio Systems CT6 compatible serial time code for up to 32 slaves
• Drives up to five Radio Systems Analog Clocks
• Automatic daylight savings time correction
• 1Hz output
• Top-of -hour relay closure output
• 7" wide x 2.5" high x 4.5" deep
• Utilizes external 15VDC supply (included)
• Full remote control (external barrier strip)
• RJ-45 Antenna connector and DIP switch time offsets provided

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