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Zoom R16

SD/USB Multi-Track Recorder / Interface / Controller


Zoom R16
Zoom R16Zoom R16
Zoom R16 Figure 1The Zoom R16 is the first digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording utilizing Secure Digital (SD) memory, and it combines three production tools in one versatile device: a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface, and a control surface, giving you all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere.

The R16 supports up to 32GB SD cards, allowing over 100 track hours of recording. You can connect the R16 to your laptop or desktop computer via USB, launch your favorite DAW or use the included Cubase LE 4, and start laying down your production tracks. With the 8 balanced, combination XLR-1/4-inch inputs 2 outputs (8 x 2), you can record high-definition, 24-bit/96kHz audio (2 x 2). Use the R16's built-in effects as you lay down tracks on your computer.

You can control the functions of your DAW software from the R16 via USB for easy mixing with fine-tuned control. Its intuitive, mixing console feel and LED meter bridge make mixing a breeze.

Zoom R16 Features:Zoom R16 Figure 2
• Digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording utilizing Secure Digital (SD) memory
• 16/24-bit/44.1kHz linear PCM recording in WAV format
• Built-in stereo condenser microphones
• Includes 1GB SD card and supports cards up to 32GB SDHC
• Allows simultaneous recording on up to 8 tracks
• Battery operation for remote recording (batteries not included)
• USB power for audio interface and control surface operation
• 8 mic inputs / 2 outputs (8 x 2)
• 8 combination XLR-1/4-inch inputs
• High-definition 24-bit/96kHz recording capability using digital audio software
• Built-in effects can be used as outboard effects as well
• Hi-Z input for direct connection of guitar or bass
• Includes preamp with phantom power on two channels
• Mackie control emulation via USB for popular DAW software including Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer and more
• Over 100 built-in studio effects coming from advanced DSP
• High quality guitar amp and effects models
• Professional quality mastering effects including multi-band compressor, normalizer and more
• Operates as USB storage device for quick data transfer
• Connect two R16s via USB for synchronized operation and 16 tracks of simultaneous recording
• Undo/Redo functions
• Comes with Steinberg Cubase LE 4
• Supports Windows XP/Vista, Mac operating systems

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