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Countryman DT85

DI Box (Battery Or Phantom Power)


Here's a Direct that thinks outside the Box.

The compact Type 85 active direct box connects any high-impedance instrument pickup, even piezo pickups, to a balanced microphone (XLR type) input. It provides a strong, clean signal to the mix board without adding noise or distortion, and without changing the tone or volume of the stage amp like passive direct boxes. Virtually indestructible, it won't develop a dead battery on stage because it can run on Phantom power.

The Type 85 uses only hand-selected high-quality discrete components woven into a single-ended class A circuit, much like a classic tube microphone preamp. It has an incredibly smooth, sweet sound. Unlike many active DI boxes, it can always isolate ground, even when running on Phantom power, to help eliminate hum and buzz from ground problems.

Note: Photo shows front and back views stacked on top of each other.

Main Features:
• Connects any high-impedance instrument (including piano) to an XLR mic input
• Isolates ground buzz between console and amp
• 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
• Runs on 9 V Battery or Phantom power (battery life approximately 400 hours)

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