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Mackie MDB-2P

Stereo Passive Direct Box


Mackie MDB-2P Figure 1 Great for stereo sources like keyboards and synthesizers, the MDB-2P is an essential tool for electronic musicians, live sound venues, and recording studios. The MDB-2P Stereo Passive DI features dual 1/4” high-impedance inputs with Thru outputs and -15db pads, and dual low-impedance XLR outputs with ground lift.

Main Features:
• Perfect for stereo sources like keyboards and media players
• High-impedance 1/4" inputs with Thru outputs
• Balanced XLR outputs with Ground Lift
• Ultra-low noise and distortion
• -15dB pads ensure distortion-free performance when connecting to high-output sources
• Built-Like-A-Tank™ construction

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