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Drawmer DA6

DA: 1 stereo XLR in /6 stereo XLR out


Drawmer DA6
The Drawmer DA-6 is a 6-channel stereo (or 12-channel mono) distribution amplifier featuring XLR balanced inputs and outputs.

The stereo input features individual left/right level controls with LED bargraph metering to enable the correct balancing of stereo material or two mono signals. Each of the six outputs incorporate further left/right level controls and a mono/stereo switch providing the selection of either one stereo output or two mono outputs per channel. This feature allows the DA-6 to function as either a 1 x stereo input/6 x stereo outputs or 2 x mono input/12 x mono output unit or any combination of the two.

The output section consists of a channel select so that the individual left/right output level of each channel is displayed on the output LED bargraph and can be monitored by the headphone jack socket. A pair of auxiliary link stereo jack sockets (TRS) are provided via the rear panel for connection to further DA-6 units for the distribution of even more channels.

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