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ESE ES-208

Video 1X12 Distribution Amplifier


The ES-208 provides a loop-thru input and 12 isolated outputs, all accessible via BNC connectors. Screwdriver-adjustable Gain and Equalization controls are provided on the front of the case. Up to 1000 feet of cable may be compensated by adjusting the EQ trimmer. The Gain control provides an overall signal level adjustment of - 6 to +3.5 db. The DC Level control allows adjustment of the DC clamp level with respect to Ground. When the input is not looped thru to other equipment, a 75 ohm terminator should be used on the free input connector. Unused outputs need not be terminated. The unit is housed in a small diecast box, which is ideal for tucking away in the most convenient location. 
Main Features:
• Ruggedized Enclosure
• Video Gain & EQ Controls
• Loop-thru Input
• Equalization For Up To 1000’ of RG-59 Cable
• Broadcast Quality Distribution
• DC Coupling Available
• Recessed Controls

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