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Heil Sound PR20-UT

Handheld Dynamic Cardioid Mic


Heil Sound PR20-UT
Heil Sound PR20-UTHeil Sound PR20-UT
Heil Sound PR20-UT Figure 1The HEIL PR 20 UT (Utility) is the award winning dynamic PR 20 microphone with pared down packaging options to deliver a lower price point. Specifications and performance characteristics remain at the high level that the PR 20 brings, including a wide frequency range, the ability to handle +140 dB SPL and -35 dB of rear rejection.

The PR 20 UT comes with a stainless mesh grill, a foam windscreen and a mic clip in a vinyl zipper bag.

HEIL PR 20 UT Features:
• Great live sound vocal microphone
• Perfect midrange articulation
• Wider frequency range
• Excellent snare drum microphone
• Heavy steel construction
• Assembled and tested in Illinois

Heil Sound PR20-UT Figure 2

Heil Sound PR20-UT Figure 3

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