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Heil Sound PR40 Package

Dynamic Mic w/ Black Shockmount, BSW Broadcast Microphone cable and Pop filter


Heil Sound PR40 Package
Heil Sound PR40 PackageHeil PR 40Heil Sound PR40-PKGThumbnail Image for Heil Sound PR40 Package
Save Big with Exclusive PR40 Package from BSW

This exclusive BSW package saves you a bundle on the Heil PR-40, Heil PRSMB shock mount, BSW RE27POP custom pop filter and BSW-BMC-20 broadcast mic cable.

The Heil PR-40 dynamic microphone boasts an innovative design along with top-shelf components to deliver a sound that rivals condenser microphones, but without that all-too-common background noise and need for external enhancements. Featuring a large aluminum diaphragm, neodymium magnet structure, a cardioid polar pattern to keep extraneous noise at bay, and a double-layered screen to protect against breath blasts, the PR-40 offers a very wide frequency response and clear uncolored sound with virtually no distortion and an industry-leading -40 dB of rear rejection. Ideal for kick drums, bass amps, vocals, and broadcast voice-overs, it comes with an all-metal SM-3 stand adaptor, a storage box and cleaning cloth.

Heil PR-40 Features:
• Large 1.5 inch aluminum diaphragm
• Wide frequency response
• End fire Cardioid pattern
• Industry-leading -40 dB of rear rejection
• Low distortion
• Low handling noise
• Natural articulation

• Generating Element: Dynamic with Neodymium magnet structure
• Body: Matte Steel body, zinc die cast bottom ring
• Frequency Response: 28 Hz to 18 kHz
• Impedance: 600 ohms balanced
• Connections: Pin 1 Shield ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 -
• Output Level: -53dB @ 1 kHz
• Polar Pattern: End fire, Cardioid, uniform front to back discrimination
• Diaphragm: Low-mass quilted aluminum
• Finish: Anodized champagne matte
• Net Weight: 15 oz.

The Heil PRSM-B shock mount is a flexible support system that helps suppress low frequency rumble on the microphone line by absorbing and damping vibrations picked up from the studio desk or console. Sporting a classic black finish, the PRSM-B is designed for use with the large-diameter professional-grade Heil Sound microphones, including the PR 30 and PR 40.

The BSW RE27POP is the ultimate pop filter. Its fine mesh metal screen diminishes undesirable P-Popping while keeping the integrity of the high-end frequency response. It clamps easily and securely to the microphone. Find out more by clicking here.

With this package you also get the BSW-BMC-20, a 20-foot, balanced mic cable specially designed for broadcast microphones featuring Neutrik XLR connectors (with a 90-degree female connector for a sleeker look on large broadcast microphones). You can get more details by clicking here.


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