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Mackie EM-89D

Dynamic Vocal Microphone


Mackie EM-89D Figure 1 The EleMent Series EM-89D Dynamic Vocal microphone delivers the reliability and sound quality you need without the hefty price tag. Not only is it an excellent choice for singers, but its road-worthy construction and precisely tuned voice are as adept at micing instruments as it is highlighting your vocal performance. Handheld dynamic microphones are the workhorses of the audio industry, and the EleMent Series EM-89D dynamic vocal mic is up to the task.

Main Features:
• Professional quality that’s affordable
• Voiced for the stage, built for the road, priced for your wallet
• Rugged construction
• Enjoy consistent performance night after night, gig after gig
• Stage and studio
• Excels both onstage performance and studio recording
• Great for vocals and instruments
• Cardioid polar pattern
• Rejects peripheral noise to keep your performance crystal clear
• Included accessories: Mic clip, XLR cable, Zipper pouch

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