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Sennheiser MD46

Cardioid Interview Microphone


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Sennheiser MD46 Figure 1The Sennheiser MD46 offers a host of advantages including low sensitivity to handling and wind/pop noise, and a rugged, all-metal body. The perfect interview microphone for broadcasters on the go!

Omni microphones tend to pick up everything equally, including background noise. The MD 46 cardioid interview mic focuses on the subject, increasing clarity while reducing background noise. Designed to deliver low handling and wind noise, and to eliminate vocal popping, this microphone gives the ENG team an ideal interview tool.

Sennheiser MD 46 Features:
• Double layer grille basket
• Cardioid dynamic capsule
• Low handling noise
• Long handle with excellent balance 
Sennheiser MD46 Figure 2

Sennheiser MD46 Figure 3 

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