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Digital Alert Systems MULTIPLAYER

Audio Player / Switcher


The Digital Alert Systems MultiPlayer is a 4-channel EAS audio player and program switcher that eliminates one-channel-at-a-time restrictions when sharing a single EAS encoder/decoder across multiple streams.

The MultiPlayer combines multiple EAS audio recorders/players (playheads) and seamless on demand audio switching in a single compact chassis. Along with a host DASDEC, the MultiPlayer provides up to five completely independent EAS audio channels playable at any time.

The MultiPlayer features four discrete audio playheads, each with its own three-position (Program/ Playhead/Master) audio switch allowing it to play audio files and/or switch to the appropriate outputs when commanded by network control.

The Master Audio function provides separate GPI/O or network control to switch all stations to a single master audio input, simplifying wiring for a master override functions like an EAN. Each channel is also equipped with failsafe relays assuring program sources pass directly through in the event of power loss.

Digital Alert Systems MultiPlayer Features:
• Adds four independent EAS audio channels with program switching to any DASDEC
• Simple interface to any host DASDEC model via network connection
• Dual contact closure ins and outs for each channel
• Each channel is field configurable for digital (AES) or analog operation
• Front panel indicators show channel status for Alert Pending and On-Air
• Standard XLR connectors simplify installation and wiring
• Fully independent channel playback and control eliminates delays of shared encoder/decoders
• Eliminates old-fashioned relays and hold off logic
• Supports simultaneous, sequential, and staggered mode operation
• TCP/IP network connection to DASDEC allows unique placement options
• Single rack compact design with standard audio connectors ease setup and use
• MultiPlayer combined with DASDEC gives you a complete 5- channel EAS/CAP system just 3RU high

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