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Endec EAS Encoder / Decoder B Stock


The Digital ENDEC offers an internal AES/EBU interface, LAN support, and a Web Browser based interface to support a new generation of EAS users. While the Digital ENDEC continues to support Radio, TV, and Cable users, it also supports the first responder and state/county/local emergency centers with emerging standards such as IPAWS and CAP. Future-proof, it is designed to be ready for future revisions to the EAS system.

Check out Radio World's review of the Digital ENDEC.

Main Features:
• 6 audio inputs
• 6 serial ports
• Encoder and Microphone input
• 4x20 LCD display
• Internal speaker and Line Out
• Four contact closures
• Five GPIO inputs
• Web-Based control
• 10/100 Base-T LAN support
• 2 USB connectors for printers, additional serial ports, future expansion
• Software is stored in FLASH and is updatable via the LAN or the USB interface
• AES/EBU Digital Audio Interrupt with active switching
• 64 MByte onboard storage for log files
• Totally solid-state memory storage for reliable operation - no hard drive


• LAN connection for remote control, setup, software update, notifications, monitoring via streaming audio.

• USB connections for printer, additional LAN, additional storage.

• Five GP inputs for triggering tests and forwarding alerts for up to four stations.

• Four GP dry contact closures for automation interface or status display.

• Logging via web page display, USB printer(HP), network printer(HP), email, FTP. Email, FTP, and Web logs include audio and text.

• Time of day synchronized with Network Time Protocol (NTP).

• All solid state data storage.

• Not a PC, high reliability.

• Sage “Generic CGEN” industry standard character generator interface.

• ENDEC software included at no charge.

• Free software upgrade to CAP.

• “All in one” solution. Places CAP and EAS directly on the air. No CAP converter or legacy EAS device required. Text to Speech included.

• Part 11 certified device. The ENDEC and a LAN connection to a CAP server is all you need to be compliant with the new Part 11 requirements. Supports DM(IPAWS) OPEN, Black Coral, MyState, SpectraRep, and others with a common interface.

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