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Trilithic EASYCAP-B3030

EASyCAP for Radio Broadcasters W/ 3 Internal AM/FM/NOAA radios


The EASyCAP® Encoder/Decoder combines everything needed to deliver audio and video alerts in an integrated, one-box solution, including: EAS, CAP, local access messages, audio/video peripherals, control over serial and network based devices, interfaces for network management systems, and network protocols and interfaces. The EASyCAP platform can receive all of the required alert messages and then control all of the devices necessary to deliver the messages to subscribers.

Main Features:
• One-box integrated solution for EAS and CAP
• Flexible and expandable open architecture
• Network based alerting protocols
• Management via web browser
• Four audio inputs or three internal radios

• Chassis: 2U RU chassis with 3.5” color touchscreen LCD and Speaker
 • (2) RS-232 serial ports available on male DB-9 connectors
 • (2) USB ports
 • (1) 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet port available on USB/RJ45 combo jacks
 • (4) balanced 600 ohm audio inputs for EAS monitoring. Each input configurable as external audio or an optional internal radio receiver
 • (2) balanced analog audio outputs, 600 ohm
 • (1) balanced stereo analog audio switch, 600 ohm
General Purpose Inputs and Outputs:
 • (4) general purpose outputs: isolated relay, maximum rating of 1A @ 30 VDC
 • (2) general purpose inputs
Radio Receiver Boards:
 • (1) radio receiver board can be installed into the EASyCAP
 • (3) radio receivers are included per board, each configurable as AM, FM, or NOAA
• AES-EBU Digital Audio Expansion Board (optional): (2) AES-EBU digital audio switches on 110 ohm XLR jacks Alert audio automatically locks to the incoming bit rate and sample rate (up to 192Khz)
Communications Expansion Board (optional):
 • One expansion port is provided for adding a communications board. DUAL-LAN-TELEPHONE Communications Expansion board (Optional)
 • (2) 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports, (1) Telephone MODEM
• Stereo Audio Switch (Analog) (optional): (1) balanced stereo analog audio switch, 600 ohm

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