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Endec Emergency Management Software


The ENDEC-PRO is a Windows-based software system designed for users who are at the front end of the emergency reporting chain such as State and County Emergency Operations Centers and other organizations that originate FCC Emergency Alert System (EAS) events. ENDEC-PRO features a mouse-based point and click interface to select event types, locations, and stored audio from a scenario database. The resulting alert is entered into the EAS Web using the Sage ENDEC hardware.

Main Features:
• Allows access to hundreds of pre-stored event/location scenarios, or allows you to build an alert in real-time
• Select audio from the pre-stored library, pre-record a message just before use, or provide audio in real-time
• Originate weekly and monthly tests
• Log all outgoing and incoming events
• Practice mode generates alerts without keying the transmitter
• Prevents unauthorized access with a password
• Verify reception by monitoring the EAS Web
• Uses plain text for events and location codes - knowledge of EAS coding not required

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