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BBE 882I

Sonic Maximizer Dual Channel


It is not too often that the Boss comes down from the ivory tower to write ad copy. I thought I would relate a story on my experience with the BBE Sonic Maximizer. Please don't go tell anyone that I'm writing this as my employees don't actually think I do anything other than drink 357 cups of coffee each day and talk about golf.

Like you, I get snookered into "volunteering" to set-up and run a sound system now and then. Every year I step forward to provide PA gear and run the board for a fundraising auction at my daughter's school. As you know, a nice-big-rectangular concrete gymnasium does not make for great acoustics. Even when you are having a normal conversation, the echo and bounce back is very annoying. Now add 500 people, free wine, and an auctioneer who buries an SM58 mic into the tonsil section of his throat and you have 500 hundred people saying WHAT DID HE SAY?

We have sold BBE Sonic Maximizers for years, but I never used one. Until this year. For the first time ever, I was able to achieve audio clarity without equalizers, anti-feedback boxes, limiters, etc…I only used the BBE box. Everyone could understand what was being said over the PA System! The technology is truly amazing…some would even say a miracle. I am now a believer.

It's easy to set up: just insert the BBE prior to the amplifier or into the effects send/receive on the console, adjust the 2 knobs…then prepare for rousing Pats-on-the-Head from elderly ladies who claim their hearing has been restored. Read all about the technical aspects below or by clicking the "more product info" link. Better yet, just buy the thing. Trust me on this one…have I ever steered you wrong?

My coffee cup is empty, time to go walk around…

Tim Schwieger,
BSW President

The BBE 882I sonic maximizer is designed for applications requiring low noise, high headroom and +4 dBu input levels. It offers dual-mono operation with balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Typical applications include: professional recording studios, sound reinforcement, nightclub sound systems and broadcast transmission. Features: 4th generation BBE process; +4 dBu balanced line (1/4" TRS and XLR inputs and outputs); +23 dBu headroom; hardwire bypass.

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