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Sound Devices SL-2

Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module for 8-Series



Streamline your bag with the SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module. This two slot-in wireless receiver integration system easily mounts to the top panel of any 8-Series mixer-recorder. UniSlot and SuperSlot™ wireless receivers from a variety of manufacturers are accepted, including Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, and Sennheiser. The SuperSlot protocol supports up to four channels of wireless audio per slot.

An 8-Series mixer-recorder supplies power to the SL-2 and slotted-in receivers - no external DC connector needed. Analog or digital audio is sent from the receivers into the mixer-recorder via the expansion port, reducing messy cabling for power and audio connectivity. The SL-2 offers antenna distribution to slot-in receivers, spreading out the placement of antennas for better RF performance. The rear panel of the SL-2 is equipped with two TA3 connectors for an additional four inputs of AES3 audio and two 4-pin Hirose DC Outputs, each supplying up to 500 mA for powering additional equipment.

Main Features:
• Compatible with the 833, 888, and the Scorpio.
• Accepts two UniSlot or SuperSlot wireless receivers from Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, and Wisycom.
• Built-in antenna distribution with antenna powering for active antennas or boosters.
• Supports remote control of third party smart antennas.
• Two auxiliary MCX antenna ports for connecting other receivers or RF distribution.
• Two TA3 AES3 inputs for an additional 4 channels of digital audio.
• Two DC Outputs via Hirose 4-pin connectors, each supplying up to 500 mA.
• Powers via an 8-Series mixer-recorder.
• Accepts either analog or digital audio from slot-in receivers.
• Ability to set and monitor multiple functions of a SuperSlot-compatible receiver from the 8-Series mixer-recorder.
• RF Scan with visual representation of the RF spectrum.
• Monitor transmitter battery, receiver audio, and RF levels.
• Rugged, lightweight, and compact design.
• Mounts to the top of any 8-Series mixer-recorder.
• Same width as the 833.

Powering: All power supplied by host 8-series machine
• Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms
Antenna Powering:
• 12V at 200 mA, menu selectable on/off
• Serial remote control, Wisycom-compatible for ADFA and LFA powered antenna etc.
Antenna Pre-select Filters:
• Menu selectable:
• Wideband/bypass (low pass filter, 1.7 GHz upper cut-off)
• 470-614 MHz
• 542-694 MHz
• 606-770 MHz
• 770-960 MHz
• Input RF Attenuators: 0 to -1 8dB, in 6 dB steps, menu selectable
• RF Outputs: Auxiliary Antenna Outputs for additional receiver
• DC Outputs: 1-2: 500 mA max (each), 6-18 VDC passed through from host 8-series machine, depending on power source. Hirose 4-pin connector: pin 4 = +, pin 1 = ground.
• Aes Inputs: Two pairs for a total of four channels, AES-3 balanced, 110 ohms, TA-3 connectors Dimensions:
H x W x D:
• 4.5 cm x 21.3 cm x 13.1 cm
• (1.8 in x 8.4 in 5.1 in) Weight:
• 1.35 lbs (unpackaged)
• 0.61 kg (unpackaged)

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