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*12" Gooseneck


The GN30 and GN50 are gooseneck modules for permanent, screw-on installations, for use with all Discreet Acoustics modular capsules. These goosenecks feature rugged construction; highly reliable contacts for capsule modules; integrated LED ring status indicator; and integrated, jumper-selectable bass rolloff. The GN30 is approx. 12 in.; the GN50 is approx. 20 in. These goosenecks come with a DPA in-line XLR phantom power adapter with integrated 250 Hz bass rolloff and LED ON/OFF jumper. The DPA connects to any XLR mixer input with 9 to 52 V phantom power. The mini XLR connector on the DPA cable will thread through any hole only 11 mm (0.44 in.) in diameter or larger. This eliminates the need for large holes or awkward unsoldering and resoldering of the much larger phantom power adaptor during installation.

Use with any of the AKG Discreet Acoustics mic modules: CK31 - cardioid; CK32 - omnidirectional; CK33 - hypercardioid; CK47 - studio-quality hypercardioid; CK80 - speech-optimized/affordable hypercardioid.

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