Fostex HP-P1
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Fostex HP-P1

Portable Headphone Amplifier


The Fostex HP-P1 is an innovative portable headphone amplifier for the iPod/iPhone that connects via the 30-pin dock connector. Featuring a high quality 32-bit Digital/Analog Converter (DAC) and state of the art analog circuitry, the HP-P1 offers exceptional sonic performance with superb clarity and plenty of headroom.

The HP-P1 also boasts a 3-step gain control to accommodate all types of headphones, an S/PDIF output for professional recording, twin digital filters and a rugged aluminum alloy chassis.

The HP-P1 comes complete with a sturdy carry case that can also be clipped to a belt. A 50mm Dock connector USB cable and a USB power cable (Type A to mini B) are also included.

Fostex HP-P1 Features:
• Digital connection from iPod/iPhone to HP-P1 via 30-pin dock connector
• High quality 32-bit DAC (AKM4480) and headphone amp for maximum sound quality
• Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (approx 7 hours)
• USB powered operation also available
• Hi/Mid/Low 3-step gain control on the headphone output drives all headphone types
• Auxiliary analog line input for other MP3 players
• S/PDIF digital output for professional recording
• Analog line out for connection to an analog amplifier or a recorder
• Two digital filters
• Housed in a rigid aluminum alloy chassis

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