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Henry Engineering GuestPod

Satellite POD for Multiphones II


Henry Engineering GuestPod Figure 1The Henry Engineering Multiphones is a multi-user distributed headphone system for broadcast studio, professional audio and other applications. It provides independent stereo headphone listening facilities for up to 12 users. The Multiphones system consists of the master unit and up to 12 satellite GuestPods which are interconnected using standard Cat-5 cable. The Multiphones master unit has inputs for stereo program audio and talkback audio, talkback facilities and a local headphone output. Three RJ45 jacks are provided to distribute audio and power to the GuestPods. Each GuestPod has its own headphone amp, volume control, jacks (both 1/8" and 1/4") and a cough button and mic-on LED that can be wired to the user's audio console or other equipment.

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