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Whirlwind THS1M

Talkback Headphone BOX, Push to Mute


The Whirlwind THS 1 models of sports announcer boxes have single button mic controls. The THS 1M is the Push to Mute version. The microphone output of the THS 1 boxes is a passive, straight through connection. THS boxes are ergonomically designed to put the control buttons within easy reach of the announcer even while shuffling through stat sheets. The headphone amplifiers are designed to deliver powerful, undistorted audio that can be heard over an arena full of screaming fans.

Main Features:
• Left and right balanced line level inputs with single volume control
• Additional mono Aux input feeds both left and right ears
• Balanced XLR input and output jacks
• Microphone Control switches (PTT and PTM) are completely silent
• ¼” TRS or 3.5mm headphone jacks
• PS12AC1A power adapter included

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