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Fostex T40RP-MK3

Closed-back Studio Headphones


The RPmk3 series are successor models to the reputed RPmk2 series that have been used in many professional recording studios for monitoring. The key Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) Technology diaphragm incorporated driver unit has been refined to deliver sharper audio reproduction for more accurate monitoring. The housing, ear pad and head pad have also been re-designed to derive the maximum performance of the RP driver.

Main Features:
• Refined Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) diaphragm driver using copper foil etched polyimide film
• Thee types: Open (T20RPmk3), Closed (T40RPmk3) and Semi-open (T50RPmk3)
• Re-designed low repulsion ear pad and head pad for maximum comfort
• Detachable cable for best serviceability
• 3.5mm stereo mini jack cable also included for portable audio player

• Driver: Regular Phase (or Orthodynamic)
• Impedance: 50 ohm
• Sensitivity: 91dB (at 1kHz, 1mW)
• Frequency Response: 20Hz – 35kHz
• Maximum Input Power: 3000mW
• Cable: Detachable 1/4” Stereo Phone (3m) and Stereo Mini (1.2m)

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