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KRK Systems KNS-8400

Closed-back Headphones


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KRK Systems KNS-8400 Figure 1The KRK KNS 8400 headphone gives you the famous KRK sound independent of your monitors for superior performance in challenging headphone-only mixing. Its closed-back around-the-ear design provides excellent sound isolation, while its accurate, natural and extremely wide frequency response (as well as large dynamic range) ensures superb critical listening.

KRK KNS-8400 Features:
• 5Hz-23kHz frequency range
• Voiced to remain true to the character of KRK's class leading studio monitors, developed with 25 years of years of experience in studio sound
• The latest reference quality frequency response for closed-back, circum-aural dynamic headphones
• Newly developed headphone acoustical system bringing a new level of headphone performance
• Utilizing the latest in acoustic memory foam technology ensures class leading performance in both reproduction and isolation
• A new standard in headphone comfort, even over extended periods of use, designed to avoid feeling uncomfortable during long sessions
• Special foam conforms to the ear to help ensure an improved fit
• Exceedingly accurate, natural and wide frequency response
• Large dynamic range with extremely consistent low-distortion detail and clarity
• Extended low frequency definition, ensures the bass component of your music is accurately reproduced, and is not lost
• Transparent reproduction of high frequencies, resulting in highly accurate imaging
• High-efficiency Neodymium 40mm driver
• High durability 2.5m single-sided straight cable with oxygen-free copper wires
• Adjustable, foldable driver enclosures provide comfort and portability
• Replaceable cable, head, and ear cushions to ensure long product life
• Soft carrying case embossed with the KRK logo for traveling engineers, or storage when not in use
• 1/4" jack plug can be unscrewed to reveal a 1/8" plug for laptops and portable media players
 KRK Systems KNS-8400 Figure 2
KRK KNS-8400 Specifications:
• Configuration: Closed back, circumaural
• System type:Monitor Headphones
• Cable: 2.5 m, (8.2 ft.), 99.99% OFC detachable
• Ear Cushion type:Acoustic memory foam [KNS-8400]
• Headpad Finish:Premium leatherette [KNS-8400]
• Nominal Headband Pressure:4 N (based on average head size)
• Ambient Noise Isolation: up to 30 dBA [KNS-8400]
• Tranducer: 40mm, neodymium
• Power Handling Full Range:1000mW
• Nominal Impedance: 36 ohms
• Frequency Response:5Hz to 23 kHz
• Sensitivity (1mW):97 dB SPL
• Calculated Max SPL:124 dB SPL
• Connector:Gold-plated stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm)
• Volume Control:in cord, detachable
• Finish:Black impact resistant plastic
• Dimensions:3.7" (94mm) x 10.5" (267mm) x 9.6" (244mm)
• Weight:0.5 Lbs. (0.23Kg)


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