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BeyerDynamic DT297 PV250 MKII

Headset, 250 Ohm, W/ Condenser Mic (Cable Not Included)


BeyerDynamic DT297 PV250 MKII
BeyerDynamic DT297 PV250 MKII Figure 1Headset with condenser microphone for on-air news and sports commentaries (optionally with limiter). The headsets in this series dispose of a dynamic headphone transducer with a frequency response of 10 – 30,000 Hz and excellent isolation from ambient noise. The single cable is detachable, the ear cushions are replaceable. The pivoting gooseneck microphone- boom design, can be swivelled to work on the left or right side of the headset, or set to the upper position when not in use.

Main Features:
• Improvement of immunity against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) caused by GSM, DECT, UMTS, Tetra etc.
• Good ambient noise attenuation
• High-quality condenser cardioid microphone for improved bass response and high gain-before-feedback
• Very high speech reproduction quality and excellent intelligibility
• Flexible, pilotable gooseneck for optimal positioning with elastical microphone suspension
• Lightweight, low profile design
• Single-sided, detachable cable
• Limiter (Optional)
• Powerful neodymium headphone system for excellent reproduction accuracy
• Optimized frequency response according to IRT (Institute for Radiotechnology in Munich) regulations
• Balanced sound impression
• Closed headphone
• Circumaural ear pads, advanced ear cushion system
• Adjustable, soft padded headband
• Service-friendly construction due to exchangeability of all parts
• Single-ear-version: DT 287
• All DT 297 versions are supplied without connecting cable. Please order the appropriate connecting cable separately

• Transmission type : Wired
• Headphone design (operating principle) : Closed
• Headphone impedance: 250 ohms
• Headphone frequency response : 10 - 30.000 Hz
• Nominal sound pressure level: 100 dB SPL
• Polar pattern for microphone: Cardioid
• Transducer type for microphone: Condenser - Cardioid
• Construction : Circumaural (around the ear)
• Cable & plug : Detachable cable – various connectors available
• Net weight without packaging: 276 g

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