Telex PH88
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Telex PH88

Intercom Headset, 6 Ft Cord and A4F Connector


Telex PH88
The Telex PH-88 is a lightweight, single sided headset offering solid performance and longwearing comfort. It features a high quality monaural dynamic earphone with a dynamic noise-canceling microphone on an adjustable boom that can be bent to practically any mouth-to-mic position. This unit has a straight cord with an XLR-4F connector.

Telex PH-88 Specifications:
• Receiver Type: Dynamic Receiver
• Impedance: 300 ohms
• Microphone Type: Dynamic Microphone
• Impedance: 200 ohms
• Connector: XLR-4F
• Weight: 4.6 oz
• Cord: 6 ft. straight

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