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Point Source Audio EM-3

EM-3 Earphones Terminated W/35mm Mini Connector


The EM-3 is a professional grade earphone system that features high sensitivity, full range response across all frequencies, durable design, and comfortable styling for extended wear. The EM-3 is designed for professional musicians, performers, and discerning users of portable digital music players such as MP-3 and iPods. The EM-3 features a unique “ear guide” which channels the cable over the ear for increased comfort and stability. The ear-guides reduce stress on the cable at the ear helping to keep the transducer properly positioned for optimum performance and reduced ear fatigue. The cable is of a special kink-free design and is lightweight yet very durable. The EM-3 earphones are ideal for use with HEAR and Aviom personal mixing systems.

• High output
• Superior comfort
• Ear guides reduce fatigue
• Kink-free cable design 
• Extended low frequency

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