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Ebtech HE2XLR

Hum Eliminator - 2 Channel w/XLR


The Hum Eliminator HE2 (2-channel model) eliminates 60 Hz cycle hum caused by ground loops and also converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced signals at either end. 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs.

Main Features:
• Eliminates AC hum / 60Hz buzz and noise, quick and easy
• Breaks ground loop safely, while leaving all signal grounds intact
• Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials, avoiding clipping
• Converts automatically back and forth between balanced and unbalanced lines at either end
• XLR inputs and outputs
• 1/4" TRS “smart” jacks (tip, ring, sleeve) inputs and outputs
• Completely passive design with audiophile quality components assures the best possible noise and distortion performance
• Frequency response 20Hz to 70kHz plus or minus 0.5dB
• Distortion less than 0.005% THD @ 1kHz
• Crosstalk better than –97dB
• Maximum source impedance 1kOhm. Minimum load impedance 10kOhm
• 2 Year warranty. Ebtech quality and reliability

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