Broadcast Tools TT1-PLUS
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Broadcast Tools TT1-PLUS

Tiny Tools Telephone Hybrid Monitor


Broadcast Tools TT1-PLUSIn Stock
The Broadcast Tools TT-1 Plus is more than just an ordinary telephone line coupler. The TT-1 is compact telephone line powered auto-answer and auto-disconnect hybrid/coupler. The TT-1 Plus utilizes dual-hybrid transformers providing full duplex audio at a plain old coupler price. We provide a rear panel multi-turn hybrid NULL trimmer to allow the user to achieve approximately 20dB of trans-hybrid loss. Additional TT-1 Plus features: front panel line seize button, call drop button, auto-answer/monitor-TAP switch, audio mute switch, and off-hook and ring indicators. A rear panel RJ-11 is provide for connection to a POTS line along with a second RJ-11 loop-thru jack that may be configured to disconnect attached devices when the TT-1 Plus goes off-hook. Plug-in euroblock screw terminals along with 3.5mm stereo jacks are provided for balanced send and caller audio. Plug-in euroblock screw terminals are provided for remote seize and drop inputs and the SPDT off-hook dry relay contacts. The TT-1 Plus may be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or up to four units mounted on the RA-1, Rack-Able mounting shelf.

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