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Comrex VH2

Two-Line VoIP Hybrid


Comrex VH2

*Optional Serial Cable and Contact Closure Sold separately, not included.  

When you want to present, broadcast, or record a telephone conversation, you need a device to process the phone call and present it to the console, as well as to separate “send” audio from the “receive” audio on the call. If send and receive audio aren’t isolated, it will result in an echoey, muddy sound - not to mention, annoyed listeners.

As many major markets are shifting from traditional phone lines to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems, the digital hybrids that could have performed this job in the past are becoming outmoded. Radio stations need a VoIP hybrid to ensure on-air and recorded phone calls sound beautiful.

A dual-line hybrid, VH2 connects two VoIP lines for individual broadcast or flawless conferencing. VH2 prevents echo and distortion, and automatically adjusts caller audio to a uniform level, leaving you with a result that’s clean and clear. Plus, VH2 uses VoIP phone lines, saving you money and increasing functionality. VH2 can even connect to many VoIP PBX systems.

Main Features:
Audio Processing and Performance:
• Prevents echo and other artifacts
• G.722 codec support for wideband calls. Also supports G.711
• Receive filter reduces telephone line noise
• Selectable automatic gain control (AGC) maintains a consistent audio output, even when the caller signal varies widely
• Selectable caller ducking lowers incoming caller audio so local talent remains in control of the conversation
• Can be configured to automatically answer and disconnect incoming calls

• Easily segue from caller-to-caller
• Separately selectable single-ring auto-answer function for assisted or unattended operation
• Handy front panel controls and status indication
• When used with companion VoIP telephone, calls can be answered on handset and easily transferred back and forth to VH2
• Hybrid on/off controls and status remotable via web or contact closures
• Send and caller level indication
• Easy call conferencing
• Dual “On-Hold” audio inputs to send program to callers on hold
• Auto-Switching External Power Supply
• Compliant with worldwide regulations, including FCC, CSA and CE

Audio Configuration:
• Configure for separate caller outs of single caller mix
• Configure for separate send feeds or single
• Pro level, balanced audio I/O in XLR
• Selectable AES3 I/O

IP Features:
• Web-based configuration for the VoIP phone line setup, making it easy to adjust settings remotely from a browser
• Transfer calls back and forth to many PBXs, or use optional companion extension VoIP phone
• Ability to engage or drop or dial calls via web page
• Companion phone - easy to move calls between handset and hybrid with the touch of a button

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