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Galaxy Audio AS-1800

Wireless Personal Monitor System - B3 Freq 554-570MHz


Galaxy Audio AS-1800
The AS-1800 is designed with features for the professional. The body pack receiver is set up for a king. With 150mW's of output to the ear buds, the AS-1800R is sure to be plenty loud for any environment. The receiver has a squelch adjustment, stereo/mono switch, LCD display, button lock, and a Magnesium Alloy Construction.

The Mixed Mono feature allows performers to adjust the balance of the Left and Right audio signals sent from the transmitter right on the body pack.
With Mixed Mono:
- the performers can have their vocals in Input 1 and the band mix in Input 2 and adjust the volume of each independently to create their own personal mix, or
 - you can send two different monitor mixes from the board so each performer can decide which mix they want to hear on their belt pack.

Main Features:
• Single Rack Mount Included
• Naming Function
• 30/100 mW Selectable Transmitter Output
• Monitor Output
• 300' Range
• UHF Frequency
• 640 Selectable Frequencies/ 32 Selectable Channels
• Ear Buds

• Frequency Range and Transmitter Output Level
• Band: UHF
• Frequency Range: B3 554~570 MHZ
• Transmitter Output Power: 30mW or 100mW
• Operating Range: Under Typical Conditions 300' (92m)
• Note: actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, interference, and battery characteristics
• Frequency Stability: ±0.0005%, Phase Lock Loop frequency control
• Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.7% @ 1KHz
• Signal to Noise: >105dB
• Maximum Deviation Range: ±68KHz
• Operating Temperature: Range 14ºF to 122ºF (-10 Cº to +50 Cº)

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