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Audio Technica AE2500

Dual Element Dynamic/Condenser Kick Drum Mic


The Audio-Technica AE2500 is an amazing kick drum mic. It features a revolutionary dual-element design incorporating separate cardioid condenser and dynamic elements in a single housing, perfectly in phase (difficult to achieve with separate mics). The dynamic element delivers the aggressive attack of the beater while the condenser captures the full range of tonalities. So you get punch and power AND full, rich sound from a single mic, for a kick drum sound second to none.

Features: 16.5 ft. cable terminating in two XLR connectors with separate dynamic/condenser outputs; 10 dB pad and bass roll-off for condenser element; 20 Hz-17 kHz (condenser) and 30 Hz-10 kHz (dynamic) frequency response; condenser element requires 11-52V phantom power. Includes clip and pouch.

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