Clear-Com FreeSpeak II FSII-TCVR-24 2.4 GHz Active Antenna
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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II FSII-TCVR-24 2.4 GHz Active Antenna

FreeSpeak II 2.4 GHz active antenna


Clear-Com FreeSpeak II FSII-TCVR-24 2.4 GHz Active
The FSII-TCVR-24 is an active transceiver antenna for the FSII-BP24 beltpacks. The antenna can be locally powered or powered via the FSII-BASE or matrix on shorter connections (less than 1000ft). The FSII-TCVR-24 has a mount for wall or microphone stand. A blue status light is visible from either mounting orientations. When mixed with FSII-TCVR-19 antennas, a single radio space can support up to 65-90 FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz or 2.4GHz beltpacks. Durability The FSII-TCVR-24 is IP-65 rated for wet weather or dusty conditions making them ideal for outdoor productions.

Main Features:
• Uses existing FSII base, E-QUE-HX cards, and PD2203 splitter hardware
• Supports 4 FSII-BP24 beltpacks per FSII-TCVR-24 transciever
• Supports systems with up to 65-90 beltpacks when mixed with FSII-19- TCVRs
• Blue LED status indicator on top and bottom
• Mic stand or wall mount orientation (metric and imperial threads)
• IP-65 rating for wet and dusty conditions

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