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Clear-Com SB-704 Main Station

Encore 4-Ch Switchboard Main Station


Clear-Com SB-704 Front
Clear-Com SB-704 FrontClear-Com SB-704 Rear
The 704 series is Clear-Com’s most advanced party-line intercom system. Each station is a four-channel intercom with superior audio and versatile channel access to provide unmatched communication fexibility. All front-panel controls are intuitive and easy to operate. The station’s front-panel buttons are programmable and can be customized for a wide variety of applications that will meet the demands of any stage, studio, or eld producer. Separate volume controls for every channel ensure the perfect audio mix in the headset or on the integral speaker.

The SB-704 includes a versatile switching matrix which allows up to ten dierent groups of stations to be assigned to any one of the four channels. The regulated power supply in the MS-704 and SB-704 provides power for the entire intercom system.

SB-704 Main Station

This station is similar to the MS-704 main station except the speaker is replaced by a 10 x 4 assignment matrix panel. The assignment matrix panel allows you to choose any intercom station or group of stations connected to the ten inputs of the matrix and assign them to any one of the four intercom channels.

• Four Independent Intercom Channels for ultimate fexibility.
• Microprocessor-Controlled Logic assures maximum communications power.
• Universal Voltage Power Supply for 100 - 240 VAC operation, with shortcircuit protection on each channel.
• Linking Control instantly links channels together in “super party line”.
• Separate Talk and Listen Buttons for each channel.
• Individual Listen Volume Controls for each channel.
• “All-Talk” Function permits instant communications to all four channels.
• Four Separate Program Inputs are electronically balanced.
• Three Interruptible IFB Channels make talent cueing easy.
• “Announce” Button with Relay for external paging.
• Visual “Call Signaling” alerts users when others want to speak to them.
• Wide-Range High-Output Speaker for optimum clarity in all acoustic environments.
• “Hot-Mic” Output allows easy connection to external IFBs • Adjustable Mic Proximity Compensation reduces acoustic feedback.
• Superior “Contoured” Audio insures excellent voice intelligibility under all noise conditions, including high-noise environments.
• LED buttons for talk, call, announce, link, all talk, and mic on.
• Remote Mic Kill switch turns o the microphone talk circuits

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