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HME 4Ch DX100 System Without Headsets

4Ch DX100 System Without Headsets (CZ11383)


The HME DX100 system delivers crystal-clear, two-way communications in a compact, portable base station for up to 15 simultaneous wireless users. Hands-free mode allows maximum flexibility and a secure channel ensures that private conversations stay private.

The portable, compact design makes the DX100 system ideal for mobile field applications.

Up to 15 COMMUNICATOR®s can be assigned to each base station, four of which can be used in hands-free, full duplex mode. Digital Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with encryption secures communication to prevent eavesdropping. Triple diversity (space, time and frequency) provides redundant communication that offers the most dependable system available.

Remotely unlatch COMMUNICATOR transmitters to help you stop a COMMUNICATOR that has been unintentionally left transmitting from the convenience of your base station. This is very helpful if a remote user removes his COMMUNICATOR and forgets to turn it off.

Flexible, battery-powered operation lets you power your base four different ways:
•Six 1.5V AA batteries
•Optional rechargeable BAT850 battery
•12 VDC automotive adapter
•100-240 VAC power adapter (provided)
Power outage backup feature enables uninterrupted communication in the event of power loss.
DX100 System Order: (CZ11383)

•Mobile base station with 2 antennas
•115/230VAC power supply
•115VAC power cord
•AA battery sled for base
•4 BP200 Beltpacs each with 2 batteries
•Pouch AC40A Battery changer
No headsets are included with this system*

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