HME BS200 Base Station without Headset
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HME BS200 Base Station without Headset

BS200 Base Station without Headset (CZ11398)


The Clear-Com BS200 wireless intercom base station offers 2.4 GHz license-free operation, with no need to coordinate frequency operation with other wireless systems.

Its triple diversity provides the strongest signal possible for clear, seamless and uninterrupted conversations, while its Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum with encrypted signals secures communication so people outside the system can't hear your conversations.

Its wireless ISO allows all mobile users on the same base station to converse with each other isolated from the two- or four-wire intercom channel that can be restricted to specific users.

It's wired interface supports one hardwired intercom channel using two-wire, four-wire, or both simultaneously. The base is compatible with RTS and ClearCom/Production Intercom two-wire intercom systems. ISO+ mode gives you an additional four-wire intercom interface by using the AUX IN and AUX OUT connections.

Its headset connector allows the stationary base station operator direct access to the IC channel, AUX IN/OUT. An optional six-foot extension cable provides added mobility.

The BS200 Base Station operates on either the supplied AC Adapter or an external DC source such as a vehicle electrical system for rack mounting in an ENG van.

Clear-Com BS200 Features:
• 2.4 GHz license-free operation
• Secure communication
• Triple diversity
• Flexible battery-powered operation
• Expandable system
• Wireless ISO
• Wired intercom interface
• Headset connector

Clear-Com BS200 Specifications:
• TX and RX Antenna: 1/2-Wave, Dual Diversity Dipole
• 4-Wire I/O: RJ-45, 600 ohms balanced, level adjustable, simultaneous operation with 2-Wire
• 2-Wire I/O: XLR-3F and 3M, externally-switchable RTS or ClearCom mode, 200 ohms, null adjustable
• Auxiliary Input: XLR-3F/1/4" phone combo jack, 600 ohms balanced, level adjustable
• Auxiliary Output: XLR-3M, 600 ohms balanced, level adjustable
• Headset Connector: 4-Pin Mini-DIN
• Headset Output: .250 mW into 32 ohms
• Size: 9" x 1.72" x 13.50" (1-RU)
• Weight: 9.2 lb
• Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 12-14 VDC

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