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Listen LKS-1-A1

ListenTALK Base-4 System


An ideal starter system for incorporating two-way communications, the LKS-1 ListenTALK System from Listen Technologies comes with everything you need. Each system includes four (4) ListenTALK Transceivers (with Leader Clips), one (1) Headset-2, and one (1) 4-Port USB Charger, all designed to enable convenient communication between one leader and up to three additional team members at a time. The LKS-1 is expandable to meet the growing needs of your venue, and more transceivers can be added at any time.

Main Features:
• Includes one headset and four individual transceivers
• Ear Speakers (LA-401) and Breakaway Lanyard (LA-445-BK) included with Transceiver (LK-1)
• Four-port USB Charger also included
• Expandable for increased demand

What's Included:
• Four (4) LK-1 ListenTALK Transceivers w/Leader Clips
• One (1) LA-452 Headset 2
• One (1) LA-423 4-Port USB Charger

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