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Angry Audio MIC Tally Gizmo

BI-Color Talley Light Controller -



Angry Audio MIC Tally GizmoIn Stock
Angry Audio MIC Tally GizmoAngry Audio MIC Tally GizmoAngry Audio MIC Tally Gizmo
You splurged. You bought gorgeous new M!KA microphone arms for the studio. And you got the ones with the tally lights. Good thinking. In the Smartphone era, guests get distracted. You need a way to get their attention and the mic arm tally lights are um, brilliant.

So how exactly do you light those up anyway? With our Mic Tally Gizmo, of course! The 5-pin XLR topside carries the microphone audio and the signal voltage for the tally light. The microphone signal is passed through to a 3-pin XLR connector on the bottom.

Dual logic inputs drive the tally either red or white. Red is usually the color for on-air. White can be used for an alternate signal. Ready light, talkback indicator, phone ringer, pizza delivery. You’re certain to come up with a bright idea. You won’t need a carpenter to install the Mic Tally Gizmo in your furniture. Even if you’re not that handy, you can handle a hole saw. A 2-⅛ inch hole is as easy as installing a desk grommet. Your studios will look amazing and you’ll look brilliant.

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