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STL Redundant IP Interface


Redundix adds resilience to IP-based transport by either time-delaying two streams on the same network or sending a redundant stream over a separate path. On the receiving side, Redundix repairs lost packets in the stream caused by transport network imperfections using the time or path redundant streams. The result is better audio quality because lost packets are replaced, and audible imperfections are significantly reduced. Redundix Box is a device that is performing as Redundix transmitter and a second unit as Redundix receiver. Redundix can be configured stand-alone using the local web based product interface or cloud ma-naged as part of the well-established subscription based Refelctor Service ( services/cloud/reflector). Using Reflector Service removes the requirements for fixed IP addresses, greatly simplifies configuration and provides operational peace of mind. Redundix is codec independent and can be deployed as extension to an existing encoder/decoder RTP setup. This protects investments and reduces cost.

Main Features:
• Relia Time as redundant network link
• Relia Duet as a redundant network link
• Adding path or temporal redundancy to an RTP based links
• Automatic repair of lost data on the receiver side, where possible
• Device configuration via web interface
• Greatly simplified system configuration using the well established Reflector Service
• Wired and wireless interface support
• IPv6 capable
• Small form factor
• 2-year warranty
• Developed in Switzerland, manufactured in the EU

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