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Internet Radio Gear

What equipment do I need?

OK. You’ve decided that you want to start a podcast or an internet radio station. How much is it going to cost to get set up? As always, the answer to this question really depends on exactly what you want to achieve.

Look at your ambitions realistically. Is this a serious commercial venture, or more of a curious interest or hobby?

How many “live” voices will be on your program at once? Is it just you speaking, or will you have a co-host in the same room? Will you be taking telephone callers?

Bare bones… just to get started
For a simple podcast with just you speaking, you might start small with a portable digital recorder for around $100 (Tascam DR-05, for example). This is a low-cost way to try out this hobby, and it’s a good first piece that you will continue to use as your ambitions grow. With a portable recorder, you can record your talk for the day, and use it to record a live interview with a guest. Then transfer the recording to your computer, and edit it for use on your podcast.

If that’s as far as you plan to go, then you are all set, and haven’t spent a lot of money. However, you can always grow from this humble beginning...

A Basic Studio Setup
If you will be performing your program live, you will need a mixer. An audio mixer is the heart of the studio setup. Everything connects to the mixer. Everything is controlled by the mixer. You can simultaneously connect microphones, headphones, speakers, and other audio devices that will be used to create the show. Some mixers can connect by USB cable to your computer for recording. Mixers suitable for start-up studios begin around $200, and can go up as far as your requirements demand.

We have assembled a number of basic podcasting packages in various configurations. One of these may be a perfect fit for you. Several of the packages include the Podcast Solutions book, an excellent “training manual” that will teach you the techniques to make a professional-sounding presentation.

Add-ons… for a more professional operation
To capture a telephone conversation, add a digital hybrid.

You may want to broadcast from a remote location. Depending on the complexity of your show, you may be able to do everything from the remote site, with little more than a laptop and a headset. A more complex program may require an assistant to operate the show from the main studio, with a high-quality connection to the remote team. Every operation is unique and different.

Decide what you want to do with your program now, and what you plan to do with it in the future. Write it down. This will help to assure that the equipment you purchase now will be compatible with your future plans.

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