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Delta Electronics TCT1

*9230001001 Transformer


The Delta Electronics TCT-1 precision toroidal transformer provides sample voltages for RF current phase and magnitude measurement on broadcast antenna arrays. It is assembled in a rectangular aluminum enclosure with a 1.25" diameter insulated clearance hole for the antenna conductor. This clearance enables operation with conductor voltages as high as 14 kV peak (10 kV RMS). Although conductor type, size and placement are generally not critical for the TCT-1 transformer, a 0.38 to 0.5" diameter tubular conductor centered in the clearance hole provides optimum voltage capability.

Delta Electronics TCT-1 Specifications:
• Frequency range: 0.5 - 2 MHz
• Sensitivity (Volts/Ampere): 0.5
• Source impedance: 50 ohms
• Current range: 0 - 40 amps
• Absolute magnitude accuracy: ±2%
• Absolute phase accuracy: ±2º
• Phase tracking accuracy: ±0.5º
• Insulation: 14 kV peak (10 kV RMS)
• Electric field rejection: >100 dB
• Dimensions (inches): 5.25 x 5.75 x 2.25
• Weight: 3.5 lbs

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