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John Lynch

John Lynch, Senior Sales Representative


Preferred title
: "The Codec King"


Favorite thing about your job: Helping broadcasters and individuals find a solution to improve their operation.


When not working: Occasional sports casting assignments (hence the photo with a microphone) and being with family. Touring the Midwest where we relocated a few years ago to places we'd never have visited before relocating.


On my Radio: Classic hits, Country, News-Talk, and of course, Sports.


Words of wisdom: "The only poor question is the one that is not asked".


Favorite movie: Too many to list, so we'll start with; Casablanca, 12 O'clock High, A Thousand Clowns and Seven Days in May.


Dream dinner guests: Keith Jackson, Rick Dees, Herman Cain.


Favorite vacation destination: Gulf Shores, Alabama, South Dakota, Washington State and anywhere there's a golf course. Ultimate destination someday will be Galway, Ireland.


My passion is: At work, finding solutions. Outside of work; calling an event such as football and motor sports.

John's Bio

Growing up in the Seattle area, sports on radio were always a prime interest. In those days before Major League Baseball and the NFL and NBA came to town, our "summer sport" was hydroplane racing. A great local sportscaster of the day, whom I came to know personally late in his life, really demonstrated the ability to "paint a word picture" for the audience and I was drawn in by that ability. So, while childhood friends all wanted to race boats, I wanted to announce the boat race. Ultimately, I did, along with team sports and some less than common assignments such indoor soccer and drag racing. I was often asked "How do you call a drag race on radio?" My response was always "Very quickly!".

While working twenty years in commercial radio, starting as a teenaged "Country DJ" when I knew virtually nothing about Country Music, (but I learned fast!) having the opportunity to wear many "hats" in radio was a great opportunity. Ultimately I concentrated on news & sports and sports marketing.

Sportscasters and remote engineers around the country know me from my experience and call on me for opinions on equipment; something I particularly appreciate as they know I've "been there and done that".

I also spent nearly a quarter century as a volunteer emcee in the local Miss America system and have always enjoyed working in front of a "live audience".

Now, approaching my 20th anniversary with BSW I get the best of both worlds. Learning new ways to help broadcasters and individuals overcome challenges, and away from the job occasionally broadcasting an event.



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