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Justin Warbreck, Senior Sales Representative


Preferred title
: BSW Sales rep is good with me!


Favorite thing about your job: Talking with people from all over the world and finding the right piece of gear to get the job done


When not working: Playing with my four kids, doing live sound, cruising on the motorcycle, playing soccer


On my Radio: Generally talk radio, or whatever station my wife left the radio on (probably country).


Justin Warbreck

Words of wisdom: "Never be afraid of something you can unplug" - Don Shelby .


Favorite movie:  Anything with fast cars, bullets, and stuff blowing up generally will keep me entertained


Dream dinner guests: My entire family from around the world, gathered in one place, eating together.


Favorite vacation destination: Durban, South Africa

Justin's Bio
Justin started doing live sound when "the other guy got stuck at his real job". It all spiraled from there! Live sound, boutique post production facilities, recording VO for internet sports broadcasts, high volume recording studios, and of course more live sound, eventually brought Justin to BSW.



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