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Linear Acoustic's On-Air TV Processors and Audio Processing Solutions

The television picture sure has evolved over the years, from analog black and white all the way to full spectrum digital 4K Ultra HD. But what good is your stunning high definition image if your audio is still living in the colorless, cobwebby past? Lucky for us boob tubers, one company has devoted its considerable energies to helping television providers deliver TV audio that does justice to your eye-popping TV visuals.

Linear Acoustic, a card-carrying member of the Telos Alliance, enables television stations, cable television and satellite television providers, post-production facilities and other content services providers to control, measure, manage and monitor multi-channel digital audio. Below is a sampling of Linear Acoustic's state-of-the-art TV audio processing solutions. Contact a BSW GearHead or visit our website for full information on the entire product line.

AERO TV Audio Processors

Linear Acoustic's AERO audio processors measure and manage shifts in loudness and control discrepancies between program and commercial audio to maintain compliance with the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act without degrading sound quality or significantly affecting its all-important dynamic range. Visit our website to see the complete AERO series.

The AERO.10 handles up to 10 channels of PCM audio via AES, HD/SD-SDI, or analog stereo 
I/O and offers AEROMAX® loudness and dynamic range control, upmixing and downmixing, and ITU and EBU compliant loudness metering and logging.

The AERO.100 is a 1RU loudness management platform is capable of hosting one or two AEROMAX processing instances in AMX5.1, AMX2.0 or AMX5x2. It boats an advanced ITU limiter and delivers real time adaptive wideband and/or multiband processing with consistent, compliant, high-quality audio. It supports 8 audio pairs via SDI I/O with SDI video delay; supports 4 audio pairs via AES.

Ideal for high-density applications, AERO.8000 enterprise-wide audio and loudness management software (and Processing Engine hardware) features the trusted AEROMAX adaptive wideband and multiband, multistage, ITU-compliant, loudness control algorithm. It provides I/O independence via Livewire+/AES67 Audio over IP, and extensive remote GUI over IP control for metering, control, and local audio monitoring.

UPMAX ISC Immersive Soundfield Controller

UPMAX ISC can upmix 2-channel, 3-channel, 5.1-channel, and 7.1-channel audio to immersive audio formats including 5.1.4 and 7.1.4. It also supports upmixing to legacy formats including 5.1-channel and 7.1-channel audio. Content presented in native immersive formats is automatically recognized and passed through without processing.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, modern TV is a feast for the eyes, but there's no reason to let the ears go hungry. If you want your viewers to stay glued to your screen, do yourself a favor and check out Linear Acoustic TV audio processing!