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Altronic Research 9750E3

50KW, 3 1/8" EIA Flange

BSW PART: 9750E3

The OMEGALINE 5700/9700 Series are extraordinary water terminations for 50-ohm coaxial transmission line systems that exhibit excellent and stable RF characteristics during their full range of operating power. The rugged, precision design of the 5700/9700 Series provides reliability, serviceability, convenience, and economy well suited for today's modern RF application.

•Low cost
•RF power is dissipated in a proven, ceramic, rugged, film-type cylindrical resistor.
•Resistors can easily be replaced.*
•No field adjustments needed.
•Non-contaminating water circuit
•Potable water in open or closed systems
•Brass and aluminum construction
•Rugged construction
•Any operating position

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