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Kintronic Labs DL-5-78EIA

Dummy Load AM 50 OHM 5 KW


Kintronic Laboratories offers a complete line of indoor and outdoor AM dummy loads ranging in power rating from 1.5 KW to 300 KW. Custom designs are available to 1.5 MW. These units are typically installed in the vicinity of the transmitter and serve as a dummy antenna for off-the-air testing of the transmitter. Click here to get a quote.

Each dummy load is custom designed to yield a nominal 50+j0 Ohms input impedance over the 530 to 1700 KHz frequency band. The input fitting is specified by the customer. Dummy loads with power ratings less than 30 KW are convection cooled. Forced air cooling is used in larger units, which are available in standard and weatherproofed models.

Controllers integrating dummy loads with transmitter systems are also available. Toroidal sampled current meters with remote output are standard on all models rated for carrier power of 25 KW or higher and are available as options on lower power units.

The Kintronic DL-5-78-EIA AM dummy load offers 5 kW input power and sports a 7/8" EIA Flange connector.

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